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Denise Branco


You are a Star and Born to Shine!


Hello, a pleasure to meet you! My name is Denise Branco.

I am an image and style consultant with international training at Advanced Milano in Milan, Italy, specialized in Style and Trends in Paris and at the Fashion School in Portugal, I have Fashion Styling and Business Advanced training at the Marangoni Institute in Miami, training in Style and Image at Senac and Sebrae in Brazil, training in Analysis of Personal Coloration tests at Studio Immagine School in Portugal, training in Morphopsychology and I have participated in Fashion Week in New York.

My trajectory with the fashion world is long. I am a teacher who since childhood always loved Fashion. I worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years, in the clothing industry, I worked as a salesperson in shops in Brazil and in the United States where I currently live and I was a salesperson of jewellery and semi-jewelry for many years.

My professional experiences have always brought me into direct contact with the public and people have always come to me for help in finding an outfit for special occasions.

I always had the gift of inspiring women to take time for you, invest in you and take more care of self-esteem and your image. All this journey made me discover the universe that is the Image and Style Consulting and I fell in love with this universe.

I began to study, to seek knowledge about the profession that is relevant and makes it possible for women to Awakening the Diva that each one of us has.

Today my mission with my work is to take you to a meeting with your inner self, because when we take care of the inner self, your outer self transforms and reflects so much that it is contagious.

I can help you to Awaken the Diva in You, for you are a Star and Born to Shine!

Denise Branco

Image and Style Consultant


An image consultant is a person who helps women of all ages and walks of life.

The consultant does not change anyone, it is you who feel the desire to improve your image.

For reasons: professional, health, education, family, church, social media, celebrity and more.

The image consultant offers a flexible approach to clients, helping them to find ways to feel their best through the way they dress and their beauty choices.

The Image and Style Consultant can help her clients in various ways and at various times in their lives:

understand your Style

You can contract for one time only.

Special Occasion

You can hire it for a special occasion like wedding ceremonies.

Photo Session

You can hire it for a photo shoot.

Visual Change

You can hire for a makeover.

Social Events

You can hire for a birthday party and social events.

Change in the Body

You can contract after a change such as cosmetic or bariatric surgery.

The image and style consultant will help you find your best version through your image with clothes, hair, make-up and accessories.


Services that comprise the Image and Style consultancy

Image and Style Consulting
Fashion Star

Personal Color Analysis 

Personal Organizer

Personal Shopping

Travel Case



We often think it's silly, futile to worry about our image, but unfortunately we live in a world where we are judged by our appearance.

Studies from Harvard College show that it takes only 2 seconds to be judged on social class, financial status, personality and level of success.

  • Appearance and action are 55% of the impression.
  • Tone of voice is 38% of the impression.
  • What you say is 7% of the print.

So if we want to succeed We must understand:

What image do I want to communicate? How do I want to be seen? What is my desired image?

In Image Consulting we work all this process within each stage of services so that you can communicate the Image you want and need.


Style is the sum of your attitude, personality, preferences and concept.

To understand style you need to know and answer the question:

  • Who am I?

Through self-knowledge you begin to understand more about your style, your essence, being you in your own way.

A person's style should express their personality, their principles and their beliefs.

The work of Style Consultancy is to offer its clients tools and techniques that will guide you through the knowledge and help transform you into your Best Version!

What Customers Say

Denise's image consultancy work was great! She is sweet, understanding, analytical and very careful, besides being dedicated and smart in everything she does! I loved the experience, it helped me a lot: to know myself better, to understand my style and the pieces that suit me best, to save time and money on the right clothes, accessories and make-up. It's worth it and I recommend it! Besides, I gained a dear and special friend! Congratulations Denise!


Hi I came to thank Denise about her work! I was happy for her commitment to help me! She is daily giving good tips regarding us women. Always well updated and happy with her work that she does with love! Thank you Denise! Bjs


Denise Branco a top professional in the fashion field. I always keep an eye on her fashion tips and put them to use!

Denise has a lot of knowledge and loves to share it with her audience.

Bruna Suellen


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