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Image and Style consulting is a transformative journey of self-knowledge that will help you understand and value your best features! It is a reunion with yourself, where we will understand your needs, values and dreams and reflect who you are in the way you dress, using specialized tools I will teach you how to make better choices taking into consideration your body type, lifestyle, personality and routine.

The consultancy can be carried out in person or online according to the client's needs.

What is included in the Image and Style Consultancy:

  1. Questionnaire
  2. The personality test
  3. The style test (DNA)
  4. Facial analysis
  5. Silhouette analysis
  6. Wardrobe analysis.
  7. Analysis of accessories
  8. Make-up analysis

Consultancy time: 4 hours (Divided into 2 stages)

After the Image and Style consultancy the client will receive a Dossier with all the personal information that we discovered during the process within 30 days, and during these 30 days will have assistance to clarify doubts by phone or WhatsApp.

Personal Color Analysis 

The colour test is a tool that has been developed to bring out the best in your beauty, brightening up your look and camouflaging unwanted details.

Through the colour test, you will find out which colour palette best suits your skin, the one that lights you up and makes you glow as you deserve.

The analysis is done with fabrics, where we will analyse temperature, intensity and depth. Analysis of the colour dimensions in the skin, eyes and hair. 

The method used is the classic seasonal expanded,where we work the 4 seasons and the tonal,12 seasons.

In this service we also offer the colour proportion and the seasonal colour trends.

Your colour chart will be a guide for you to use whenever you go shopping for clothes or make-up, this chart also has combinations that you can make when you need to put together a look.

The test can only be performed in person at the location chosen by the client.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

After the appointment, the client receives a colour chart and a chromatic circle.

Personal Organizer

This is a service I offer for the client who always uses these phrases:

1-Wake up, look at your wardrobe and have no idea what to wear?

2-Shall you always say you have no clothes to wear?

3-She goes to the mall and always needs to buy some clothes.

If you have a very full wardrobe and don't know where to start organising it, if you have accumulated too many items, if you bought repeated clothes, if you have clothes with labels, if you are already using your husband's wardrobe because there is nowhere to store them, if you are always wearing the same clothes because you can't find new ones, if you have put on weight and the clothes no longer fit. You need a Personal Organizer.

The work is carried out in two or more stages depending on the size of the wardrobe.

The organisation is done together with the client, in the following steps:

1 - Let's look at each item in the wardrobe

2 - Separate what remains

3 - Separate the pieces by bags (Donations, Bazaar, Refurbishment)

After that we will organize by models, colours, styles and time that has the piece, and the client decides

how to organise hangers:

  • By colour
  • By look
  • By model.

We will also organise accessories such as: bags, shoes, jewellery and belts.

Then we check the validities of the make-up.

The benefits of keeping your wardrobe organised are enormous, after this service you will make the most of your clothes, you will make more assertive purchases and you will find it easier when looking for a piece of clothing.

Duration: 4 hours

The service is carried out at the client's home, after all the work is done we will make a checklist of key pieces to add that will make it easier for you to choose and put together the look.

Personal Shopping

This service I offer to clients who have already done the consultancy or those people (women, men and children) of all ages who have difficulty when it comes to going shopping, not knowing where to find what they need.

We have an appointment beforehand to fill out a form where we will assess and understand what you need to buy.

We can shop together or if the customer prefers I will shop on their behalf to find the parts they need.

In this service I offer a map of shops, with good prices and good modelling according to your needs. Knowing the specific place you will feel at ease and you won't have to waste much time in the shops.

The biggest advantage of having a Personal Shopping is that you will never again spend a day walking from shop to shop and come home upset because you didn't find what you needed.

Travel Case

It's a service I offer you so you can have a comfortable and peaceful trip. Many times in the anxiety of the big day of boarding or in the hurry to close the suitcase soon something essential is left out.

In this service you answer a questionnaire providing information about your trip:

  • What is the destination of the trip.
  • How many days you will be travelling.
  • It is a personal or professional journey
  • How many bags
  • Want to carry on
  • Types of suitcases
  • Style of place beach, city, snow
  • If the journey is by ship, car, plane

After the answers we started to put together the looks and to photograph them.

In this service the client receives a gift for her next trips, which are the compartments where she takes her personal and intimate pieces.

This service is done in your home and the duration of time depends on the amount of bags we will organize.


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